Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today as I am writing this post I am very excited, any guesses why???

well well well.... the most awaited event of the year "Janamashtmi" is here. I just love this festival as muh as I love "Madhava". So I am super duper excited. We started preparations a month ago. New dresses for deities and their jewlery, everything is taken care of. So what I am doing on this festival??? I have bought a very cute jhula "swing" from Vrindavan when we visited last month. So my little cute "Navneet Priya" is all set to take swing. I have invited few friends from building as well. Lets see how it goes. I am super excited that I could not stop imagining THE DAY.

Hmm.. Here is a great article for those who does not know what is Janamashtmi.

And now presenting....

Star of the event

(isn't he cute)

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